High-quality moving floor feeders for every biogas plant
When a large storage volume must be achieved in the feeding technique, the push floor feeder is a good choice. It allows to increase the production of biogas and to facilitate the transport into the fermenter.

In combination with the appropriate screw conveyor, the components therefore offer a good choice for the entire plant and enormous convenience.

What is the dosing unit needed for?
The purpose of the dosing unit is to store larger quantities of solid biomass and to transfer them to the fermenter by means of screw conveyors or pumps. Here it is important not to overtax the fermenter, which is why a clear and well-thought-out dosing system is important. Our robust push-bottom feeders work ideally in combination with other accessories that transfer individual substances to the fermenter.

With this solid matter feed, nothing stands in the way of a safe production of biogas. Thus, the push floor feeder becomes an important component within the biogas plant to enable the feeding of new materials into the fermenter. For this purpose, the dosing systems are available in a wide variety of designs, so that feeding is no problem. Thanks to the different dimensions, the suitable system can be found for every plant.

Numerous advantages around the push floor
By using the sliding floor system, the available space can be used in the best possible way. In this way, the dosing does not take up much space, which means that the entire plant can be filled with the required substances. At the same time, the moving floor systems stand for low energy consumption, which noticeably improves the ecological footprint of the variants. As a result, the versions are characterised by enormous comfort and high quality.

Whoever is looking for a flexible and automatically controllable solution around the moving floor in this respect can rely on the dosing systems we provide. Further possibilities for individualisation are, for example, the equipment with a weighing device to be informed about the total mass of the conveyed materials at any time. Other additional components are also certainly worth considering at this point and increase the quality of the entire feeding system.

Technically flexible and extremely safe
With our offers we provide excellent solutions for a technically flexible and safe application. The push floor is characterized by the acceleration of the entire transfer process, whereby the solids are pushed into the screw conveyor by means of push rods.

The dosing system itself is made of stainless steel, which makes the components extremely durable. This also applies, of course, to the other accessories, which are also made of the most stable materials for comfortable and long-term use. When it comes to an accelerated and structured solids input, the system in combination with screw conveyors is therefore an excellent choice and offers a versatile solution in numerous industries.

Most modern feeders for liquid feeding and solid feeding
Our numerous dosing systems with central lubrication are an excellent choice for applications within biogas production. They can be purchased with a volume of between 40 and 200 cubic metres to be on the safe side always based on your own requirements. On request, the dosing systems can also be designed to be drivable, in order to further extend the comfort and improve the application. When it comes to enriching your own biogas plant, we are the right partner in this respect and offer modern products. So, there are no problems for a precisely fitting and comfortable dosing system.

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