Our systems for processing in the scraper floor
When it comes to processing complex and difficult to dose substances and materials, the scraper floor systems are a good choice. They provide energy-saving and safe operation without the need for wear and tear or other stress within a very short time.

Our scaper floor feeder is the right addition to your biogas plant, if you are on the hunt for an efficient and longliving solution to sustainably increase your production.

Ideal for processing the most difficult materials
Especially larger substances quickly become a challenge when it comes to structured conveying and dosing. For this reason, we have an efficient system with our components, which makes the connection to the elevator as well as to the stuffing screw possible without any problems. Even without constant intervention, the feeder thus becomes an effective component and makes it possible to supplement the liquid feed with the appropriate solids input and to enable the functional transfer of substances.

When it comes to safe and comfortable feeding of the system, the scraper floor system is characterised by its enormous simplicity. For this purpose, the machine is simply placed on the concrete foundation so that filling from above is possible. Alternatively, the scraper floor system can also be equipped with a weighing device to enable effective dosing at fixed intervals.

Numerous advantages with the scraper floor system
In order to increase the effectiveness around the biogas plant, we are therefore always the right contact person and enable an enormous comfort with our machines. This is noticeable by the fact that our systems are extremely reliable and flexible, which makes an application in almost all industries possible. Due to the modular design, the conveying capacity can be extended without much effort and without having to purchase a completely new component. The same applies to the expansion of the volume, in order to increase the stocking with additional superstructures and to adapt to all conceivable systems.

At the same time, the systems provided by us have an energy-saving drive, which means that the costs of dosing can be reduced in the long term. In this respect, the combination of efficiency and professionalism makes the robust scraper floor technology the perfect choice to benefit from low wear and tear and to simplify dosing at all levels. The substances are easily transferred via further screw conveyors or liquid feeding, so that the correct amount of substances is always present in the fermenter.

Technically flexible and safe dosing systems
Of course, we adapt to all requirements with the provided systems and make it possible to enrich your plant. For this reason, we offer the scraper floor with different capacities and ensure that biogas production does not have to become a challenge. In this way it is possible to determine the dosing quantity in advance and to react to the maximum quantity of your own plant at any time. Thanks to the flexible and simple control system, it is easy to control the dosage according to your own wishes and to reduce the input of other substances.

In combination with other components such as the plug screw or the separate elevator, any type of conveying can be implemented. The decision at this point is always up to the operator of the plant. This always makes it possible to ensure the introduction of uniform portions and to increase the effectiveness of the biogas system. When it comes to a structured and at the same time convenient solution for daily operation, the efficient and extremely sustainable scraper floor technology is an excellent choice.

Highest quality with our components for the biogas plant
If you are looking for a good solids input for your own plant, you can rely on our effective components. In addition to the pure equipment with our systems, we also offer professional advice and ensure that the feeding components fit the entire plant. The solutions we provide for solid feed or liquid feeding are therefore a real asset when it comes to increasing the overall dosing capacity. All our components with central lubrication, for less wear, offer an enormous robustness due to stainless steel for daily operation.

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