An important element for the entire biogas plant
In order for the energy crops as well as the organic residues to be used functionally, a high-quality injection technique is an important component. Without these solid matter feeders, it is not possible to keep the functionality of the biogas plant running and to ensure that the materials are completely processed.

On this basis, the offered inclined feeders make it possible to find the best size and design for every requirement. Between 5 m³ and 40 m³, the right dosing systems can be found for almost every dimension.

Most of the inclined feeders have a base tray made of 8-millimetre-thick stainless steel sheet. This ensures that the required stability is maintained, so that there are no longer any restrictions on the use of your own systems. The same applies to the other components, such as the stuffing screw, which corresponds to the inclined feeder series and enables a high conveying capacity. On this basis, the biogas plant makes it possible to feed up to 55 cubic metres per hour to the fermenter, depending on the materials used, and to maintain the high capacity throughout the application.

Components of our dosing systems
In order to increase the operating speed of the plant, we rely on high-quality screw technology. The stuffing screw with side entry makes it possible to improve the conveying technology. The inclined feeding therefore offers a comfortable and cost-effective way to transfer the desired amount of solids to the fermentation tank via the integrated conveying and stuffing screw with side entry.

The existing control system then allows the process to be automatically implemented, so that no further requirements are made for the operation of the dosing unit. Possibilities for the automatic operation of the plants are for example the integration of a scale as well as the implementation with a central lubrication system. Thus, the dosing intervals of the plant can be excellently controlled in order to always use the same portion sizes in the fermenter.

With the inclined feeder to more comfort
Even though the inclined feeder is a low-cost model, comfort and variety do not fall by the wayside. Thus, the feeder is characterised by simple and clear handling, which provides a significant enrichment for the entire dosing unit. Thanks to the in-house development of the dissolving shafts, bridging is 100% eliminated.

Once the inclined feeder has been connected to the existing plant, nothing stands in the way of smooth operation. Due to the availability of all central components, the plant can be activated quickly, which significantly increases the conveying capacity compared to the previously integrated solution. When the components are attached to the biogas plant, the system can be mounted laterally on the tank wall. This means that the plant can be used within a few hours after installation.

Through the most modern V2A stainless steel for safe execution
The high-quality stainless steel makes it possible to keep the wear of the entire system as low as possible and to be rust-free on the safe side. The V2A stainless steel is therefore an excellent choice for the implementation of the dosing systems in order to be able to fall back on high quality in the application. If the existing systems are to be improved in this respect, the modern dosing units are ideally suited. Thus, all components contribute to a valuable and functional application in the biogas plant and extend the previous comfort.

A special feature is the version with 5 m³. This is made of 6 mm stainless steel sheet metal, which makes the machines very interesting in terms of price. Thus, the own production can be made much more efficient. At this point, all components from the stuffing screw with side entry to the basic trough are manufactured in high quality, which ensures the necessary safety for a long time. Depending on the material used, it is thus possible to significantly increase the conveying capacity and make the feeder a valuable investment.

Our offer in the range of dosing units
If you are looking for a high-quality dosing system, you should choose our inclined conveyor. This makes it possible to rely on a high conveying capacity and to increase the energy production with your own biogas plant. In this way, the plant becomes an enrichment for the entire system. If you want to be on the safe side for as long as possible, you can choose one of the numerous versions of our feeders and significantly increase your own comfort.

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