When it comes to the purchase of precise waterjet parts, our waterjet cutting systems are a good choice.

Depending on the application method, this form of cutting is suitable for use with plastics as well as for the separation of hard materials such as glass, steel or ceramics. The application possibilities around waterjet cutting are almost unlimited due to the material spectrum.

With our offer we focus on high cutting accuracy and ensure that each of your individual components fits. For this reason, this technology is also used for the production of single pieces and prototypes in order to fall back on an appropriate and comfortable solution in mechanical engineering as well as in tool and mould making.

Our machinery includes 2 water jet cutting machines with the following possible component sizes:

WSS30602HD 2-head system with X=6000 Y=3000 Z=180 for large components and serial parts or large quantities.
- WSS2030 1-head system with drilling unit X=3000 Y=2000 Z=200 for individual parts and special materials such as HGW or fibre composites.
- We also have a large materials warehouse with over 180 different types of materials.