High quality offers in the field of special constructions

The Liquidmix for mixing liquid and solid materials
The Liquidmix makes it possible to transfer mixtures of liquid and solid substances to the pump. This is achieved within two dissolving shafts, which ensures uncomplicated transport to the cutting unit. Thanks to the combination of the two substances, a homogeneous feed mash is created which can then be passed on to the fermenter. All around the Liquidmix as a connection between liquid feed and solid dosage unit, a high-quality and structured solution in the feeding technique is thus offered, which does not lack performance. Those who want to use a robust and at the same time powerful mixing technology themselves are secured with the Liquidmix.

Receiving bunker for sorting of organic waste
Our high-quality machine makes it possible to collect the resulting bio-waste and to discharge it from a bunker by means of the screw conveyors. This is done fully automatically, so that the biowaste and the many other rejected components can then be separated. This gives the opportunity to keep sustainability and ecology in mind and to recycle the biowaste elsewhere. Our receiving bunker is therefore a real enrichment for the operation around the biogas plant in terms of conveyor technology and creates new approaches for simple and clear sorting.

The stainless steel construction for agricultural trailers
Classic transport trailers in agriculture usually have a steel or aluminium body. However, we have provided for a structured conversion to a stainless steel trailer to slow down the decomposition of the material. This makes the new solution a safe and high-quality choice to rely on safe transport at any time of the year and to have a comfortable trailer. The stainless steel trailer is also extremely robust and stable against aggressive acids, which noticeably extends the service life of the components. This makes the construction worthwhile in order to increase the longevity of your own technology.